Friday, February 09, 2001

My mate Dave sent me a link to his Blog page, I think its a great idea to keep my friends up to date, especially the South African ones

Great news, Wayne and I are finally gonna see Merial for dinner next week, haven't seen her for about a year, so I am looking forward to that
Friday, at LAST.......

What a shit few days. My project for Goldman Sachs gets presented today and I must say it is looking fabulous (I am introducing "fabulous" to the boring IT vocab)

Looking forward to Saturday at Michael's and I am trying not to thinnk about going to the Vauxhall on Sunday. BUT I WILL END UP GOING COZ I AM WEAK!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2001

Just got news that Michael is doing dinner on Saturday...

He is such a stylish host and I expect to get very drunk and have a good time
Here I am, posting my first blog, although I should be working...

It has been a harsh week, full of nasty shocks at work and thankfully, it's Thursday. Almost time
to do it all over again

Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy and visit often