Thursday, February 22, 2001

I was so unimpressed with Metrosexuality on channel 4 last night. What a load of crap, everybody trying to be so 'in your face'. It was quite revolting.

At least Sex In The City was around adding a touch of class to my viewing pleasure.

This week is dull, all I am doing is working TOO hard, my client has extended my contract so it looks like I will be playing with the traders for a while yet.

Did some retail therapy at Liberty's yesterday , and left feeling like a princess, I love that store.

I think I have figured out how to do links


Wednesday, February 21, 2001

I have just read Michael's blogg, and he wins the prize for the most interesting weekend. wonderful stuff!!!

I am going to have to start putting links on to my page, so please send any advise on how to (I know, it should be in a link)

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Way 2 go Cape Town, lets hope Sydney gets a run for its money. Its not often that
I get to be a Proud South African


Cape Town - Gay tourism has become a lucrative niche market for the Mother
City and Cape Town Tourism will continue to market the city as a "pink"
destination, as well as marketing other niches such as wine, whale and
conference tourism, Cape Town Tourism chief Sheryl Ozinsky said.

Ozinsky was reacting to demands from several religious leaders in the city
to remove the "repulsive" gay tourism information brochures displayed at the
city's tourism information centre.

The group, led by His People Church leader Errol Naidoo, said in a letter to
Metrocity mayor Pieter Marais that "minority groups" should not be allowed
to "hijack the city" for its own agenda.

Ozinsky, an outspoken advocate of marketing the Mother City as the "pink"
capital of the world, has been accused of exploiting her position as Cape
Town's tourism chief to promote her own lifestyle and sexual preference.

Ozinsky added that Cape Town does not dance to any specific group's tune.
"We market the city as a tourist destination as widely as possible and the
city's gay destinations form part of the picture. We definitely believe in
the power of the ‘pink’ rand."

Pamphlets for the "pink" market are displayed on a rack marked "Gay and
Lesbian". The rack, one in a row dedicated to promotional material for
various kinds of destinations, includes brochures for Knysna's "Pink lourie
festival", Pieter-Dirk Uys's restaurant Evita se Perron and the "Pink map" -
a tourist map listing gay and gay-friendly entertainment venues and service
providers such as doctors. Nude photos of men are displayed on several

Monday, February 19, 2001

Monday and all is well

The weekend was so quiet, Friday, I got home at about 21h30 after a long day at work, and fell into the "grunting at boyfriend and heading to bed" routine. I lay in on Saturday, until 2pm (what a sloth) and then pottered around and got sorted for dinner at Karl's. Very nice it was too, we watched 1984,101 rent boys and taped and watched popstars. Michael had news that he has to go for a big brother interview and We are all sure he will make it on to the show. Sam was there and is off to Sydney tomorrow, I am sure he will be seing Dave out there. Lucky lucky boys, I need a break badly. Andy didn't arrive as the Torture Garden was on and we heard later that he had fallen in his kitchen after one alcopop too many, broken 2 ribs and punctured a lung.I am sure that the mishap didn't happen at the Torture Garden and was indeed a domestic accident (yeah rite!!) Still where's theirs blame, their's a claim!!!!
I missed the Vauxhall for the first time in age's on Sunday, I don't know what came over me, I just didn't feel like going out.(I am, indeed, a boring old fart) but promised my body that I would take it and abuse it at Hope next Saturday.
Work is shit today and I have done nothing.