Friday, March 02, 2001


I have had a very hard and busy week being responsible., and enjoying reading the blogs. David's A-Z of the Vauxhall is great. And so true, as a member of the Vauxhall family,I get quite defensive about the place. Also young Mr Hedgehog (Dave) seems to be kickin Ass in Sydney, lucky bugger. And great blog from Michael about networking in the wilderness, loved it.

I am off to see my mates Michael, Teighe and Graham sing their hearts out at the FestivalHall tomorrow night.
The London Gay Man's Chorus concert is fully booked, can You believe it. Wayne and I can't even get 2 seats together.So cruising the talent will be rife!!!

Sunday, I have accepted an invite for supper, this is part of my "giving the Vauxhall and all that goes with it a rest" rehab programme. BORING but necessary.

May all your dreams come true this weekend


Tuesday, February 27, 2001

I have made it through the day, without kicking the dorky homeless guy in Tottenham Court Road tube station who always asks everyone for 3p to death, or pushing any Old Ladies under busses. NO it hasn't been a good day.

My friend Victor in South Africa, (very quiet guy), e-mailed me telling me he has had his nipple pierced. I feel so left out , 34 years old and not a single piercing, although I suppose the tattoo makes up for it (and that was really sore).

Great news is that Ofer , another S A friend is on his annual pilgrimage to our lovely British shores, bringing with him, Tex Bars (think KitKat Chunky but 1000 times better)
cheap ciggies and other assorted goodies from home. He say's he wants a quiet time,
no heavy clubbing (YEAH RITE!!!)

OK its Tuesday, time to pay for Saturday's antics, I feel so HORRID

Monday, February 26, 2001

Aww!! just read Young Dave's update from Sydney. All I can say is
CHEER UP, you are on holiday. Oh, and I didn't go to the Vauxhall coz I couldn't bear it without your smiling face through the haze. Come back Dave, Your Disco Needs You and We need you Too...Thanks for the
big wet kiss sent via Nick.

My weekend was great, got in late on Friday as I had a meeting with the client, He seems to think that Friday evening is the most suitable time for long, involved meetings. And vegged out in front of the telly. Did anyone see the Armstrong and Miller show", the Porn Beach sketch in the South African accents had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

HOPE was on, on Saturday night and We larged it until the early hours. At one stage, We were rushed outside as it was snowing very hard, Karl and Micheal were very excited for us, because being from the colonies, we had never seen snow falling. I danced around in it for a while, decided it was fucking cold, wet and not very nice at all, and rushed back indoors.

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday, a very sensible thing going out on a Saturday and giving yourself a day to recover. Unlike My usual Vauxhall trick of promising to leave after the first set, and staggering home after midnight on a school night.

Wayne (B/F) is back at work after a weeks holiday and I expect He will be in a mood tonight. Best I put a ribbon in my hair and smile sweetly at him a lot to ease the pain.