Thursday, March 08, 2001

Tomorrow is a special day for me, I left the sunny shores of South Africa 2 years ago tomorrow to make my home here in jolly old England!!

Jolly Good Show!!!
I have not been around for a while to do an update on My Life.

A review on the London Gay Man's Chorus Concert. It was fab!!! I sat next to a lovely old couple who proudly pointed their Son out to me when the choir came on. This baught a tear to my eye. They sang their hearts out.When my mate Grahame came on to sing with another two members on the second act, it was my turn to brag to the old lady next to Me. A good evening, only spoiled be a visit to CRASH afterwards. I reaffirm that going to CRASH is a crap night out. It is to full and the boys are aggressive, pumped full of steriods, and far to body beautiful for Me.

On Sunday evening We had a lovely supper with JP and Barbara, NO VAUXHALL AGAIN!!!, thank god Dave's back on Sunday and I can break my fast and return with style and vigour.

Ofer arrives from SA on Friday and We are all meeting at Kazbar on Friday night. I can't wait to catch up with Him.

David 'SwishCottage' I owe You a beer when/if I meet You, the A-Z of the Vauxhall is so good.

Welcome Home Hedgehog