Sunday, March 18, 2001

Hi fellow bloggers

I am writing from sunny South Africa, well its pissing down actually, I have had to fly out as my Mom passed away suddenly last Tuesday and I am now officially an orphan. I have enjoyed the updates and wish I had been at the Soft Cell concert.

As you can imagine, I have been riding the emotional rollercoaster called Life a few too many times this week, but a few thoughts and unusual experiences have come out of it.

I was winging My way over Africa late on Tuesday evening and looked down, seeing the lights of a city far below, I got so angry, how dare they have their lights on, and be carrying on as normal when I was in such pain. This got me all upset and I suppose people noticed because the next thing a nice lady tapped Me on the shoulder and gave me a book. It was a Jesus book (to be expected) and inside was written Dear Fellow Traveller, The road of life is sometimes not easy blah blah blah.....I decided it was time to pull myself together. Still the sweet gesture from a stranger was strangely comforting.

My Mom was living on the Natal South Coast, very hot, humid, and a bit backward I'm afraid. Loads of ageing hippies still trying to live the self sufficency dream, Old people waiting to die, and not very bright people who haven't been able to figure out the big city. Don't get me wrong, loads of people have hearts of gold here, but I am dreading the piece of music a local band will play at the service tomorrow, Its for Digeradoo (how do you spell that) rainstick and windchimes. My Mom, being a mother to all who were a bit offbeat and unusual (probably why she was so relieved when I turned out Gay) had made some strange friends in her short stay here.

Even the funeral director is a character, when I visited to do the necessary he was wearing a Alien face hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil tie, and does everything himself, from dressing and make up, to playing the organ, flowers and driving the hearse.The League Of Gentleman would have a field day.

I am off to Johannesburg and My crowd of friends on Wednesday, I am looking forward to catching up with then all.

Anyway this is my official Blog memorial plaque to the best Mom in the world who loved all the gay boy's like they were her own sons, some of them had been booted out by their parents and we always had a house full of slightly drunk familyless homos at Christmas, who comforted Me while I sobbed on her shoulder when I lost my first love and who made sure that my coming out agnst lasted no more than 15 seconds and who was keen to come to the Vauxhall and see this Dame Edna I had been talking about. I am one lucky guy.

Thanks for allowing me this self indulgence.

Love to all