Thursday, April 19, 2001

Hemaglobe (n.)

The bloody state of the world.
Oh! Isn’t it nice when the Wednesday feeling wears off, You appreciate life so much more. Yesterday ended well, I have been given a seminar to prepare and present at work,(browning points just before my review!!) and my entire management structure has changed to a far more proactive one. All very pleasing indeed. To celebrate I went to gym again, I sense a routine forming here. Could it be that I may discover health and well-being??

Thanks Michael for the Twisted answer, I am off to Trax in Soho at lunchtime to see what I can find. I will also get back to you regarding NYC plans.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Can anybody help me!!!

I am looking at the song "twisted" ?? Its quite an old dance track starting "excuse me, do you fuck as well as you dance". Does anybody know who its by and what its actual name is.....

Come on pop quiz team members rack your brains!

We are having a bit of a shake up at work. One of the partners is over from New York and she is one tough lady. This is all that I need after the trauma that is Easter. We have formed task groups to further promote our company. Its all a bit to buddy buddy for my liking, so I am staying in the shadows and not making much noise.


The weekend has worn off!!!

I am snappy so will keep quiet for a while.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Reading Dave’s coffee story reminds me of the guy who manages the EAT on Soho Square. He is a face one recognises from the finest of establishments frequented by young gentlemen (if you know what I mean). I visit EAT most mornings and although he doesn’t remember my coffee order, he does give out free bananas on a Monday, for those of us who might need the extra seratonin after the weekend. Bless

I finally finished reading my book. I thought I had better start reading as one can’t survive on e-mail jokes alone on the Blog. Not with all the bright bookie types on here. So here's a short review.

Rough Music by Patrick Gale

I thought it was well written, a good story but the attitude of the characters was a little too middle class for my liking.(shortest ever)

I discovered Patrick Gale when I read an article on Armistead Maupin, my favourite author, Patrick Gale had been commissioned to write his biography, so I reckoned that I would enjoy his writing style. Its worth checking out.
I am very proud of myself. Last week I went back to the gym after an 8 month lapse. I really don’t enjoy the concept of regular exercise, but when I got into it last year, I had so much more energy, and started looking pretty OK as well. No pain no gain I suppose.
Happy belated Easter everyone, I hope you all survived the weekend’s activities.

I stayed calm and behaved myself like a total gentleman until Sunday, and a trip to the RVT. Hi David and Ian, as usual I bump into you both just at the point when I start making very little sense at all.

The Tavern was great, Edna was great, the music, great, but I must admit, it was a bit to packed. Still after reading reports on Giant, I am pleased I chose to do the Vauxhall instead. The evening took a very sordid turn at about 23h30 and lets just say, we got home late!!!

I had promised myself not to go out on Monday “coz it’s a school night” but Micheal called at about 13h00 and suggested we go out for lunch before the Tavern ,that was all the inspiration I needed. I showered, buffed and polifilled in record time and Wayne and I met Karl and Michael at Eco for pizza. Most enjoyable. The Vauxhall was much nicer on Monday night, it felt like a family gathering ,not as packed. We partied with Hedgehog and his posse’ of lovely muscley friends and our usual crowd, Karl, Michael, Andy, Don, Tighe, Graeme (who spent most of the night on the central podium conducting the activities on the dance floor, much to my amusement) Danny and John. The evening flew past and before I knew it, it was time to hit the sack.

Sunday, April 15, 2001

I have just read everyone’s blogs, David Sim, is that another list I see forming on swish cottage??? Consider yourself punched. I really couldn’t choose my top 10 albums of the 90’s so I am well impressed by yours.

And Uncle Hedgehog, dreams about guns, shooting and accessorizing denim jackets with stationary, methinks Betty Ford beckons mate. Seriously, I used to have horrid dreams about guns and shooting when I was in the Army many years ago, and was told that it was all to do with sexual desire, and as for paperclips as fashion accessories, may I suggest a deep perversion for stationary. ( what colour hankie would that be?)

Great side bar Michael, I figured mine out a week or so ago, but I am sure there must be an easier way to edit it. I will let you know if I find one.
Long time no Blog!!

I have had a very peaceful week, lots of rest and recovery time and it was well worth it. Hedgehog, you were right, I needed some time off.

I was surprised last Saturday night to discover that Blog news is spread far and wide, here’s what happened. Wayne and I went to Tighe and Graeme, in North London (my second trip to the north on social engagements in as many weeks, I am becoming a regular) for dinner, low and behold Tighe was telling a story about a guy who had had an e-mail circulated to his entire e-mail list telling everyone he had been killed, he had heard this at gym from a mate who was reading the A-Z of the Vauxhall and followed the link to my page. So that ruined my polite dinner party conversation. Still dinner was great until poor Tighe injured himself whilst plunging coffee and had to go to bed. (he is fine now and will be joining us at the Vauxhall today).

On Sunday, we went off to Covent Garden and had a drink at a straight pub (so novel these heterosexuals), then went off to the comedy store for Wayne’s teacher friend April’s birthday. It was OK, loads of the faces one usually sees on BBC TV.

The week was uneventful barring a trip to the cinema with Terry ( the once dead but now resurrected one) to see Miss Congeniality and going to see Dido at the Shepherds Bush Empire. She was good, but a bit monotonous. I was excited because we had got on to the guest list and I expected champagne and Robbie Williams and all the trappings of VIP treatment. Not to be I am afraid, we stood amongst clumps of 17 year olds in bad outfits with worse attitudes. I am turning into an old git, I don’t do young crowds well anymore.

Wayne has been building a hellova website all week, it is quite cool so go and check it out.

Karl and Michael popped around for an Easter dinner last night and many bottles of wine were polished off and good chats had.

Today is Vauxhall day, I have been looking forward to it all week, and I am sure quite a few of you will be too, so I will see you (at first) there.