Friday, May 04, 2001

I have just enough time today to wish you all a fabulous bank holiday weekend...

I will see some of you at the RVT on Sunday no doubt.

Thursday, May 03, 2001

I have thought of it, if you were a German woman (maybe some of you are) with one day to spend in London, how would you like...

1. A whirl on The London Eye

2.Dali at the County Hall

3.Tate Modern

All centrally located and close to the tube to rush to the airport.


Tube Strike was cancelled yesterday. Scary office meeting is cancelled tomorrow. It’s a week of reprieve.
What is a fuck off fabulous thing to do in London. My German friend is here for one day and I want her to have the most amazing time. I thought the Eye and the Dali thing on the South Bank. She lived here for 3 months 2 years age, so all the usual stuff she has done. Suggestions please
It was so sunny this morning, but alas, it’s clouding over again!!!

Still we need the rain???

Reading Swish Cottage I agree that today is dragging badly. I am compiling a HTML seminar for work at the moment (It’s boring), but I am trying to look very enthusiastic because we are having a ‘lets all talk about what is happening in the world of IT and how its loosing money’ company meeting tomorrow. There are a lot of worried faces around here right now, mine especially…….

So hold thumbs for me fellow Bloggers, I don’t want to be unemployed by tomorrow evening.
A tall story found in my in box this morning.......

Upon my return to my car last night, which was parked in the Sainsburys at
Nine Elms, I found a Gorgon's Head attached to my windscreen. Being well
versed in Greek Mythology I knew not to look at the head directly (as this
would have turned me to stone) I used my vanity mirror (which I keep about
my person at all time, just for such an eventuality, not to look at myself
you understand) and successfully
disposed of the head in a handy bottle recycle bin (for brown glass only).

Unfortunately a few hapless trolley pushers and customers were not so
lucky and are now on exhibition (entitled The Perils of Urban Shopping) at the
Tate Modern.

It made me smile

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

SO!!! The tube strike is off!!!

All my mates are moaning that all we do is go to the Vauxhall and recover (true most of the time). So I am launching the S.L.A.G.S movie club. Who will meet at least once or twice a month to see a movie (not video, wide screen MGM razzmatazz) and most probably go for a drink or 3 afterwards. Anybody is welcome to come along.

I fancy The Broken Hearts Club as the first one we do, Terry prefers weekends, I need your input.
e-mail me.

New strike plan, stroll over Tooting common to Streatham Hill and take a bus directly to Oxford Circus.

Doesn't that sound like a lovely healthy start to the day. I hope that it doesn't rain
Well, no damage to our offices, thankfully. Maybe I am naive, but what would we do without capitalism? How could we have the freedom, and income to buy the latest CD or book, see a movie we wanted to, live where we wanted and go out when we want to. These people need a reality wake-up slap quite frankly.

Nothing is happening in my life right now, I am really getting my head down to the books and studying, going to the gym and then to bed. But in 2 months or so, I will reap the benefits I‘m sure. I am looking forward to the bank holiday weekend though, Nicole from Germany is coming over and we will be introducing her to the Vauxhall on Sunday. ‘The Broken Hearts Club’ looks fab as well (thanks to Jonathans blog link).

I am planning a tube strike strategy, (from Balham)
1. Bus to Elephant & Castle and walk to Soho
2. Overland to Victoria and walk (rumours that over lands will not be working either)
3. Walk from Balham to Soho (no, I only do this when I am out of it!!)
I wish I could work from home tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

Happy May Day everyone
I am disguised as a tree so that I don’t get killed as I go about my business today. All is very quiet on Oxford Street at present, but loads of shops are closed and boarded up. Paul Mac Cartney, whos office is next to ours, has boarded his place up to. Soho Square is deserted, like an early Sunday morning.
I am on my way to MacDonalds in Oxford Street with my “I love and embrace capitalism” t shirt on.
I am such an attention seeker!!

Monday, April 30, 2001

I have just had a stunning lunch at Govindas, the Hare Krishna restaurant next to The Edge, off Soho Square. It is very good value at £4.99 for the buffet. Its worth a try if you are ever in the West End for lunch.
We have hordes of tree hugging, middle class twats clogging up the streets where I work tomorrow. So we get a casual day. But I’ve got nothing to wear for a riot sweetie!!!
Let me tell you about my weekend.(what I can remember!)

Friday, I rushed home via Sainsburys because Terry, Steve, Karl and Michael were coming to dinner, got all Delia Smith in the kitchen and produced a fairly passable meal (nobody has died of food poisoning as yet). Everyone seemed to have a great time, watched The Sum Of Us and Beautiful Thing and then Michael decided that we needed a show tune shot in the arm, and on went the 10 year celebration of Les Misarable’. Having finished many bottles of wine by then, we all sang at the top of our voices (sad) and I eventually got everyone to go home by 04h00 (AM that is) on Saturday.

Hangover city on Saturday morning so I did as little as possible, I felt half way human by 16h00 and went to the gym which was nice, once back, I did Cilla and the Lotto and buffed for HOPE, Andy and Don arrived for drinks at 22h00 and we got to HOPE at about 23h30. It was amazing, I know I always say that, but we knew tons of people so it was like a big house party. Karl and Matthew arrived just after us, then Hedgehog and his bevy of beauties. The birthday boy (Swishy) was holding court at the bar with Ian and I finally met Scally (didn’t get to talk much, sorry). Michael arrived later for a sherry or two, with Tighe and Graeme in tow. The music was fab and so was the atmosphere and the evening turned out to be rather interesting.

Wayne was told be one of Dave’s friends (Jason I think) that he is a registered sex god at the Vauxhall Tavern. It’s so stressful living with someone so desired!! Anyway, he is awfully proud of this and talks about it all the time.

We got in at about 11h00 on Sunday (ahem!!)and I thought I would have a little lie down and then go shopping before JP and Barbara arrived. I unfortunately woke up at 16h30 and they were expected at 18h00. We rushed around and headed out to Tesco’s, as the flat door slammed shut, I realised that I didn’t have my keys on me. So we were locked out, with no food for the dinner party, half an hour before the guests arrived.

Thank god for our neighbour (Alice) who gave us all her kitchen implements to break in and the registered sex god for his misdirected youth as he knew all about breaking in. With 15 minutes to spare, we tore down to Tesco’s, made a great pasta for dinner and had a great time.

I realised this morning, that if our neighbour ever moved, we’d
‘gotta get used to not living next door to Alice’.