Monday, May 21, 2001

Not a very speedy upload, here is friday night at Dave & Nick's.
Saturday was HOPE day here in South London, It was a lovely night but I did get a bit too mashed, drowning my sorrows on the dancefloor. How tragic of me. Everyone was there, Karl, Andy, Don, Alan, Dave and the bevy of beauties. We met some great guys called Steve and Martin, spent some time with them on Sunday and I think they may become good mates. So that is good. I have been very down in the dumps this weekend, I just wish that the formalities were over and they would tell me how much they plan on paying us so that I can budget and plan my next move. That happens on tuesday. I am quite keen on the idea of getting back into the design industry. I did it for 15 years and was good. Problem, the pay is crap, but I can get contacts in London and start my own show again. But do I want my own business again? AAGGGHHHHH...This is driving me mental.