Friday, June 08, 2001

I voted for the first time in England yesterday, which was fun, I think that the outcome is to be expected but I am pleased to see that the Lib Dem's gained ground in South West London. I am heading for a budget weekend, so pray for sunny weather so that picnic's in the park become an option.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Well, good news and bad news, the bad news is that the job I wanted looks like a no go. The boss loves me, but the side kick is not to sure. So I am accepting another offer this morning because I am tired of being messed around, it may not be exactly what I want but will pay the rent while I hunt for the perfect position. So half of me is sucessful, but the other half is a big fat failure.

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Have you got sex on the mind.

Now you know that since I have lived in London, my life has been better than ‘Dancing Queen’ but I could have done without the last few weeks. This unemployed lark is no fun at all. Still the silver lining is getting so bright, its blinding me. Watch this space…

What a nice weekend I had, it started by a gaggle of queens congregating at Karl’s place on Friday, for the first BIG BROTHER nomination night. Yep! Its grabbed the nation and of course, me again. I want the trolley dolly to win (gay power) and am pleased that Josh (hot tottie) has been voted into the house, at last we will get to see some cock, not that I am shallow, mind.

Saturday was spent doing all the butch things like getting my hair cut and shopping for clothes before heading back to Karl’s for chilli and Charlie’s Angels. I love Charlie’s Angels and could watch it at least once a week. It was good to see all the boys and we had a chilled evening.

Sunday MORE FOOD!!, off to JP and Barbara for a real South African Sunday lunch (boerekos) and after tons of champagne we sloshed up to the Tavern. I had promised myself, no tavern and no minkering on Sunday but you know I have the self control of a teabag and things just got trashy again. It was great to see my fellow bloggers reclining in the sun talking about high things and art (or sex and men, you decide).

On Monday I spent the day recovering next to the peace pagoda in Battersea Park with Steve and Martin. And then all my dreams came true, from nowhere, about 50 army boys appeared in full kit, and they were chased around us for about ten minutes by the horniest drill instructor I have ever seen. OH MY GOD!! Was this my ‘Battersea Park Road To Enlightenment’ I ask myself.

I am awaiting the Yes/No from this company as we speak. So hold thumbs, I have been told I will know by this afternoon.

If I don’t get the job, I will look on the bright side and thank my lucky stars that I am not a member of the Nepalese Royal Family.