Friday, June 15, 2001

Hey there fellow Bloggers and welcome to Friday!!!

Another summer? weekend is upon us (yeah rite).

I am busy e-mailing CV's at a speed of knots, I have another 4 interesting jobs to interview for, all field sales in the decor industry, and not bad money or career prospects.

Can anyone answer a question for me, I cannot attach word documents to hotmail because they are contaminated by Melissa, now I have had dealings with Melissa before but thought I had ditched the bitch for good. Any advice??

Anyway, chores to do, so have a great weekend and I am sure I will see a few of you at HOPE


Wednesday, June 13, 2001

I have just discovered the live video stream of Big Brother on the web. (yes I know I am slow but with all this beauty, who wouldn't be).
Of course, now I can forget getting a job, or anything else as I stare at the screen for hours. I think this internet thing may just catch on after all.

Seriously, I am going whoring around the Chelsea Harbour Design Center with my CV this afternoon, I hate doing this, but you only get what you want if you are pro-active and I am. Then to an informal interview with a textile company at 16h00. Then the gym at 19h15 for a spinning class. I gotta get into the sun as well, I am in need of a tan.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Excellent reading about David's trek across London. I remember the first time I decided to try and walk somewhere in the city and not take the tube, I was shocked at how close everything was. Now I find that walking is easier, Oh, unless you are trying to get to the Chelsea Habour Design Center from Sloane Square Tube Station, I have never walked down such a long street.

The weekend was good, starting with Wayne writing and passing his second and final exam to become a qualified teacher in the UK. Then off to Karl's for the regular Big Brother, I was quite happy to see Penny go, she reminds me of those clingy, nasty faghags that one can never shake off. Karl was heading off to Ibiza the next day so we left early and got to bed at a decent hour. Gym on Saturday morning and then I headed up to the Walworth Road Market for a spot of shopping. Its a great place to buy shower gel, shampoo and all the essentials, I find the stall holders colourful and interesting and I imagine that shopping in London was a lot more like this in earlier days. Oh! and its cheap. Karl had lent me a whole bunch of Agatha Christie movies, and Michael came over on Saturday night and we ate hotdogs and watched them. (notice, no pubs or clubs as I was to have a quiet weekend) but then Sunday rolled around, I went to the gym again, ate tons of fruit but my body was screaming 'Disco....Disco....Disco....Your Disco needs you'. So I donned my oldest outfit and tore up to the Vauxhall. Met Dave and Nick on arrival and soon we were twirling around the dance floor. I spent Monday recovering.

I am starting to look forward to going back to work on the 20th but am still looking for the perfect job. It is out there I'm sure.
Gay Wedding Etiquette

1) On the day of a gay wedding, it's bad luck for the
two grooms to see each other at the gym.

2) Superstition suggests that for good luck the couple should have:
Something bold, something flirty, something trashy, something dirty.

3) Neither groom should have more products on his face than his mum.

4) It's customary at gay and lesbian nuptials for the
parents to have an open bar during the ceremony.

5) When the couple "to be" fails to register - it is understood that items
from Harvey Nics, Harrods, Heals are generally acceptable if over £150.
However, it is a big faux pas not to include the receipt in order to allow
couple to return your present and geting something that actually shows

6) Seating at the ceremony will be according to looks. Do not get upset if
you are put in the back - take it as a friendly reminder to join a gym.

7) Hooking up with someone you meet at the ceremony is OK (unless it is one
of the grooms, in which case you will need to be "OK'd" by both grooms).

8) Gay wedding tradition dictates that both grooms refrain from
eating wedding cake because it's all carbohydrate - however, depending on
things....they might find the need to polish off some off the sugar icing.

9) It's considered bad luck for either of the grooms
to have dated the priest, slept with the priest, or to have been an acolyte
at the priest's church.

10) During the first dance, it's considered unlucky to
use glow sticks, flags, whistles or hand held lasers, or to take one's
shirt off - sorry but that will have to wait until the parents have enjoyed
"open bar" a little more.

11) The flowers, cake, and all wedding plans will be GRAND - basically
because half the guys on the guest list will have provided sufficient input.

12) No cheap rented DJs (that's dinner suits, not the disc jockeys from the
local gay "tavern") - not even the groom's fathers are allowed to do so -
the best men's main roles are to ensure that all the straight people are
"fashionably" acceptable - or off to the back row they go.

13) No one is allowed to look better than the grooms.

14) Crying babies will be shot on sight.

15) Putting GHB in the punch is generally not acceptable unless the
ceremony was real long and boring.