Friday, June 22, 2001

I have suffered the indignaty of signing on, not fun and I think homosexuals should get an extra grant to cover their drug habits anyway. But, the future is bright, I have a great interview on Monday and am looking for temp work in the meantime. This week I have...

Worried about going to work.
Started work
Told work to get stuffed
Entertained my South African guests
Seen Chicago (again)
Signed On
Listed every company that deals with the decor industry
Reworked my CV 1000000000 times
Phoned tons of agencies

and I have the following to look forward to

Drinks Soho tonight
Drinks Kazbar Sat (happy birthday Karl)
Goodbye kisses to Hedgehog sunday

Its all been a bit emotionally draining.....

Thursday, June 21, 2001

OK, I started my job, lasted a day, and left, what an awful position. So I am unemployed again.


Monday, June 18, 2001

It's monday, and we all know what that means. Blocked nose, hacking cough, slight headache, not focusing on the computer screen to well, gucci bags under the eye's. I am not monday morning homosexual. The weekend was fun, we had lunch with Merial,her beau and Sophie in Belsize Park on Saturday which was fun but expensive. Then to Hope, joining us were Tighe and Graeme, Michael, Don, Sam, Alan and some annoying queen that I didn't bother to talk to. The evening kicked off with a few drinks and a chat at the bar, but soon we hit the dance floor and joined Dave and his usual bevy of beauties. On Saturday night I told Ian quite confidently that I would not be going to the Vauxhall as I had been out once already this weekend, so it was nice to see him there on Sunday. Yes, I was weak again, we stayed till the last song had played. Now I am frantically cleaning up, Grant from South Africa arrives for a week tomorrow.

My first visit to a gay pub/club happened while I was in the army. I had met a whole bunch of mates who I had discovered were just like me!! And they had wonderful stories to tell about the Johannesburg nightlife.

We all went on pass together and on the first night we went to a place called “Decadance” in downtown Johannesburg. I remember queuing to get in when the nationally famous drag queen “Granny Lee” swept past me dressed in a bin liner and a spangled belt. I later saw her slumped in the corner of the dance floor fast asleep. The place was fabulous, that pass we also visited The Skyline in Hillbrow, The Dungeon (tacky nightclub where I accidentally tipped a whiskey and water over a very scary lesbian and still carry the scars for my mistake), Scruples in Pretoria (looked like the inside of a big vagina), and Le Bain (the sauna). It was also the first time I went home with a fella and stayed the night. I remember laying in his arms after shagging thinking to myself that I had now grown up.

It was defiantly my coming out weekend.