Friday, July 06, 2001

Well we arrived in Earl’s Court at 18h30, it was packed with drunk, overweight girls in Stetsons and polyester, tons of body glitter, all they needed was ‘SLAPPER’ written on their tops in sequins.

I was surprised at how easily we got into the place and we were seated at 20h15, great seats, great view, and the best was the smoke machines were already setting the scene on stage, the lights went out, the next thing, the most amazing bank of video screens lit up and the band appeared from the floor of the stage, the video rig started lifting and there she was, on a hydraulic ramp. I must say, it all got a bit blurry for a while because I had tears in my eyes.

My favourite scene, I say scene because I saw it more as a series of acts than a concert was the oriental scene, starting with the dancers bound from ropes hanging from the ceiling, and ending with a ‘Crouching Tiger’ style fight scene with Madge and dancers in suspension rigs.

Wayne put it in to words well saying, she starts her show at a level where others end theirs. Her first song would be someone else’s finale.

I loved the Madonna concert.

Thursday, July 05, 2001

Oh God!!, are any of you having strange dreams this week, mine have ranged from awful on Sunday and Monday to quite strange last night, when Dolly Parton and I travelled through America 'Thelma & Louise' style. But the whole country spoke Afrikaans, and Wayne was pumping the gas at all the gas stations?????????????????

Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhh............. No more minkering for a while.
The barbi last night was great, loads of food, Don explained to us what independance day was all about, "the planet beat the alian invasion",

Andy's camp alter ego Nigella Lawson surfaced and outdid itself.

Ute Lemper and the state of London theatre were dicsected, lead by Karl. I said I think we need more trashy shows that don't tax us. Everyone was horrified. Michael admitted again that he hated The Sound Of Music, more horror. Wayne joined in the line dancing lesson ( American cerlebration after all) and then fell asleep, no surprise there.

and we strolled home in the heat at 00h30 this morning.

Thats all I have to report I am afraid...

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Hi Blog Mates

I have a health and safety warning, if you want to go and see 'Naughty Baby' by Ute Lemper....DONT!!!!

It is crap, she is so far up her own arse that the Savoy reeked of shit, 10 of us crowded into the theatre, very excited but stalked off at interval to drown our sorrows at a local tavern.

I hope I am not being to harsh.

Still, for the rest of the week I have

4th July Barbi - Tonight
Dinner Richard and Barry - Thursday
MADONNA - Friday

Oh!! I am having the worst comedown, burst into tears on the tube last night (silly cow)

Monday, July 02, 2001

Wow! what a weekend...

On Friday, we went to see 'Closer To Heaven', it was a bit scrappy in places and I don't see any Tony awards in its future, but it was fun and just the thing to get us into the spirit of Mardi Gras.

Saturday, we met for brekkie at Henry's bar on the route and laughed at the very confused looking staff. The parade came by, and it rained. Then off to the park where we partied with thousands of very happy looking poofs until 10pm. We then headed off to the Fridge, what an amazing night. I have never actually had such a great night clubbing. Funniest was going to MacDonalds in Brixton for breakfast after, it was full of drug fucked queens trying to eat MacMuffins, not very sucessfully I might add.

On Sunday, I went up to the Vauxhall alone as Wayne had tons of work to do, It was so hot that I doidn't even watch the show, danced to one song and spent the rest of the time outdoors on the knoll. I left at 21h30 like a good boy so that I could be fresh for work.

Work was good, the people are nice, the job is easy, and I recon that I will got quite far quite easily.