Friday, August 03, 2001

I score 4 on the straight acting thing of Michaels

I am back, yes, one month and I have been granted internet rights. I WILL RULE!!!!!

How the hell are all of ya!! My blog friends have been globe trotting, moving to Bondi (lucky Hedgehog) and all sorts of other things.

I have not had such a wild life, "being a good christian boy and all??" and have been working and sleeping and eating. Subsistance stuff. I am starting to wake up to the fact that I am dull and boring and I have to start doing fabulous fun things. I can't carry on telling you all about Sunday at the Vauxhall!!

So tonight, I am going out with the work bunch, it's a farewell doo, and I am taking Wayne along as the ultimate accessory. Beats Prada any day. I will give you a report on how it goes.

Later Rob xx