Monday, August 06, 2001

With fanfare and drum roll (at least that’s what I was hearing), another weekend is over. Starting on Friday with my first company doo. What a pleasant evening we all had, the nature of any company gathering is that the nerdy bunch huddle in a corner nursing a low alcohol shandy, while the wild bunch dance on the tables, drink far to much and dish out charlie in the loo. I fell into the second category and a fine time was had. Wayne came along and instantly (and predictably) all the girls and half the boys fell in love with him. I keep telling everyone that it is all about me, they never learn. It all got out of hand and we drank too much.

I worked on Saturday, Wayne joined me for lunch and in the evening we relaxed and preened for our trip to the Fridge. The occasion, Love Muscle, which was well worth the effort. Partied with all the boys and ended up “chilling” at Cliff and Rob’s place. After very little sleep we rushed up to the Vauxhall to lay on the sun on the grassy knoll and drink beer. And we did, with great gusto. It all got a bit messy and I was pleased to get home to bed.

Today I have a headache.