Saturday, August 18, 2001

Had a hair cut on the way to work and he wasn't the usual bloke. He fucked it up and I shaved it all off. I am now number one all over and hope I look "well Ard!!!". My first impression is ears with a head and a pork pie face. If you see me out this weekend, please offer honest comments.

"Planet Of The Apes"

Annoyingly I don't remember the origional that well, we arrived at the Ritzy, famed for its HUGE seats. Unusual for London, and found ourselves in a row of South London lads that usually haunt the same places we do. Much air kissing and hetrosexual taunting later we settled down to watch the movie. Overall impression is that I enjoyed, but didn't love it. The middle slumped for about 15 minutes and the ending was stupid. I am sure that the origional didn't end that way. Marky Mark was superb eye candy and again, quite good with that acting thing he does too. Ms Bonham Carter needs tons of praise, she was fabulous and I will be very surpiised if she doesn't get a nomination or two for her efforts. The storyline, although a classically clever commentry about oppression and bigotry, has not aged very well. I felt uncomfortable for the first time in ages about my South African roots when the Apes made comments about the humans like "They all look the same", "They breed like flies" and "Sterilise the lot of them". I heard these exact phrases used on countless occasions in my youth about black South Africans and it braught tears to my eyes. People who think like this exist and always will and that is something that scares me.

I am inspired to revisit the origional soon.

And More...

When was the last time you...
Talked to an ex: March this year.
Kissed someone: Airport on Monday 13th
Were sarcastic: Dunno how to be
Laughed: Last Night
Cried: Last Night
Had a nightmare: Usually every Tuesday after a Sunday at the RVT
Danced: RVT on Sunday 12th
Smiled: All the time
Bought something? Haircut this morning

Friday, August 17, 2001

Here goes...

I have: Tons of drive and a lazy streak.
I see: Things beautiful and ignore the rest.
I hate: Bigots
I miss: My Parents
I wonder: When will I..will I be famous......
I find: I can thrive on my own when the B/F is away...and enjoy it.
I want: A horny skinhead scaffolder with filthy intentions
I regret: Nothing
I need: A Bank Balance
I wish: I could see the world 200 years from now.
I fear: Rejection
I hear: Sonique, CD playing right now.
I love: My friends
I smell: Like work because I am at work
I crave: Sucess
I feel: The need for a wild weekend.

Thanks Guy for this very funny start to Friday...

I love the last one about the aunts.

> Smart man + smart woman = romance
> Smart man + dumb woman = affair
> Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
> Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy
> Smart boss + smart employee = profit
> Smart boss + dumb employee = production
> Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
> Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime
> A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
> A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need.
> A woman worries about the future until she gets husband.
> A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.
> A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
> A successful woman is one who can find such a man.
> To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a
> little.
> To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to
> understand
> her at all.
> Married men live longer than single men, but married men are a lot more
> willing to die.
> Any married man should forget his mistakes; there's no use in two people
> remembering the same thing.
> Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.
> Women somehow deteriorate during the night.
> A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.
> A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does.
> A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that
> is
> the beginning of a new argument.
> There are 2 times when a man doesn't understand a woman - before marriage
> and after marriage.
> Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and
> cackling, telling me, "You're next." They stopped after I started doing
> the
> same thing to them at funerals

Thursday, August 16, 2001

I have looked at my last entry, lesson, no blogging when tipsy.

A busy day again today, I was back at the photoshoot, got all the furniture picked up and thenbheaded off to the office to start catching up with my pile of work. I am going to have to do Saturday to get up to date. Still we get £110 for a Saturday so I can live with that.

I am off to see "The Planet Of The Apes" tomorrow after dinner with Cliff and Rob. Looking forward to it and I will do a blog review.

Great flower things between Ian's entries by the way, I have to learn how to make my site look a bit more interesting.


Wednesday, August 15, 2001

OK I am "pissed from a bloody Gay Bar" my mate Andy returned from the America, s and we all met him for a quiet sherry at the 2 Sewers in Clapham. Oh my head.

Photo shoots. Hard work, no coffee and clipboards, no Hugs and Darlings, and I am back at 07h30 tomorrow. Oh No!!!!!!!!!

Best I get to bed.

Nite All xx

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

They are breaking rats necks on television, I am sorry, Guy Stock, do something about the BBC. For God's sake.
OK, the heat is back!! This town is confusing the hell out of me. A boy never knows what to wear.

Work today was great, besides the fact that I overslept, all thanks to Wayne not being there to boot me out of bed. Mental note, learn how to wake up.

I spent the day selecting items for the photoshoot for our new brochure tomorrow. And tomorrow, I co-ordinate the photo shoot. This is just so much more what I like doing. I am going to get take away coffee and a clipboard, rush around looking bossy and hug everyone and call them darling.

Speaking of Wayne, he has arrived safe and sound in freezing Johannesburg. SHAME!!!

I have decided to make the most of his absence and tonight, made myself a lovely salad using all the things he usually hates. Then time to clean up the flat and play on the internet for a while. I must tell you, I woke up in the middle of the night last night and almost jumped out of my skin because a blow up sheep was looking at me, I have now deflated it, I don't miss him that much.

I must tell you, I am a bit concerned about young Dave. you seem to be having a rough time mate. I hope that it all gets a bit smoother for you soon. You are always in my thoughts.

And what is this about Mr Swish Cottage having a boyfriend. What is happening to the world?

I read with interest about London during the blitz, thanks Ian. After a recent visit to the fridge, my mate Michael and I have renamed darkrooms "Sexual Recreation Areas." I think it makes mentioning that you have popped into them to "fill up your water bottle" a lot more acceptable.

Anyway, time to do domestic things, I hope to read about a great pop quiz success tomorrow. I almost popped in to watch tonight, may do next week.


Monday, August 13, 2001

People have often commented that they find the South African accent very horny. Inspiring me to do my very best not to loose it. What accents do you find sexy?. I have a serious thing about the Australian accent, also the Scottish and the London Lad accent. To me, Muscley Rob from Putney (regular RVT goers will know who I mean) has to have the hottest of them all. Everytime I pass him I say good bye to him, just so he will reply "See ya lata" Phooarrrrrr!!!
Hello All,

I have deposited Wayne at the airport and he is winging his way to the old country as we speak. I was quite excited about having 2 weeks on my own in the big city, who knows what a boy could get up to???, but I am actually feeling very sad and lonely, the flat is so quiet, oh! and messy, he isn't a very neat packer. I have come to the conclusion that we are one of those pathetic couples that need to be around each other.

The weekend was wonderful, We went round to Cliff and Rob's place for dinner and to stay over as we were travelling to Brighton Pride the next day. But the party mood overcame us and we headed off to sub station for a bit of pre- pride partying. After a stunning breakfast, we all hopped into Adrian's car and with almighty mixes thumping, spead off to Brighton. The music had got us into the mood and we soon joined everyone in the Vauxhall corner of the Wild Fruit tent. We stayed there until about 8pm and then headed back for London whilst chilling to Randy Crawford in the car. Lovely.

Just enough time to shower and don the second stunning outfit of the day. Then off to Hope for some disco dancing. Andy's set was blinding, but poor Sean Sirrs was not on form at all. He delivered one of the most depressing sets I have heard for a long time. My work mate and sort of boss, Justin turned up looking very rough (if you know what I mean) and spent the night trying to get off with Wayne and finished the K (Mmmmmmm) I am either fired or promoted. Young Rob (You know who I mean Hedgehog) arrived sporting a lovely little scar on his head. He was bumped (no pun) over by a car as he left the Vauxhall the Sunday before. He tells me that the car looked a lot worse. A rather strange thing happened when they were playing "Its Raining Men" A lovely bare breasted woman fell from the sky on to the dancefloor, missing me by inches. She had misjudged a pirouette whilst dancing on the stage and had become airbourne. I was scared.

Then it was off to Final Destination, Dave Harris's new club. The first time I have ever been on a guest list, so I minced up to the pig ugly muscle bound bouncer and barked "guest list" in my best Edina Monsoon voice.I liked the club. The lighting was a bit harsh and the barman wore a tie and called us all lads. His face was a picture of horror when the Fist crowd arrived. As it had been a long day, we were being a bit silly and the second DJ was a chinese guy who used a telephone reciever to hear his mixing. I casually commented that he may be running a take away on the side, which got a laugh, then we were all convinced that the word EggRoll was being repeated over and over in a song, by which time we were all rolling on the floor weeping witrh laughter (you had to be there). We left soon afterwards (before we were chucked out). I think it is worth a second visit.

We slept until 3pm and then promised that we would not be going to the Vauxhall. So it was lovely to see everybody there. I was weak AGAIN!!! The first set, that I fondly call the Uncle Hedgehog session was great. Sean came on and I relaxed outside for a while chatting to Darryl, Dave, Little Rob and many others. Joined the crowd for the last hour of dancing and cabbed home because the tube would have finished me off.

I had today off to get Wayne packed and sorted. Wise move.

Next weekend is a weekend of house parties. Matthew and Richard are having a little shinding in the afternoon and early evening, then off to Chris and Martin's for a late night dance type party. I will report on both.

I am off to bed with the teddy bear we got at MardiGras (called Finsbury) and a strange blow up sheep we got at Brighton Pride, no comments please(called Brighton) and without my big teddy bear who is watching some awful airline movie as we speak.