Friday, August 24, 2001

"Bank Holiday Weekend"

I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to it. But lesson learned from last weekend, I am not planning anything. So far, I am having a drink at Barcode tonight and thats it. We will see what happens from there. I am still trying to figure out if the LA3 is open on Sunday or if they are part of the Habit thing in Islington, can somebody shead some light on this for me.

Get fresh...for the weekend....

With apologies to the lovely Michael, check this out.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Had a great evening last night, on the way home I ran into an old mate and gym buddy (when I was a regular gym bunny). I hadn’t seen him for quite a while and we went for a few beers in Balham. When we started chatting at the gym, about 2 years ago now, both of us were going through a rough patch. I was struggling to adapt to England and he was having major relationship problems. We hit it off immediately and in true Capricorn/Cancer fashion never had a lighthearted conversation. I always tried to incorporate him into Wayne and My social world but it never quite worked out. To be honest, I think Wayne was quite jealous as I had never made a friend on my own since being with him. And of course, the fact that James is quite the hottie didn’t help. Anyway, I got me job in the computer industry and stopped going to the gym, and we didn’t see much of each other so it was great to catch up. He is off to live in Sydney for keeps, via Cape Town and Auckland in 10 weeks time and I am really sorry I didn’t make more of an effort while he was here now as I think he could have been a close friend. Still, at least I now know 2 people in Sydney and Dave, with your permission, I will give him you contact details, maybe you can meet for a beer when he arrives in about 6 months time. He is a good guy and worth knowing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

On my lunch hour in the hopelessly overpriced South Kensington, I kept hearing this prayer being muttered...

Armani, Who lives in Emporio
Hallowed be Thy Gucci
Thy Cartier Watch,
Thy Prada Bag,
As it is on Rodeo.
Give us today our VisaGold.
As we forgive those who cancel Our Mastercard.
Lead us not into JC Penny,
And deliver us from Sears,
For thine is the Chanel, Gaultier and Versace
For Dolce & Gabbana,
Last Night:
It was an evening of fine wine, loads of great food and wonderful company. We discussed the bank holiday weekend and promised not to over do the old clubbing bit. Like that’s going to happen.

Funny atmosphere at work at the moment, I ripped into one of my colleagues a few weeks ago because she was constantly hacking away at me. Big mistake, she has been a sulky little bitch ever since and is trying to turn the office against me. Bad move on her behalf, because I don’t play games in he office for a start, and will not be outdone by a 20 something whippersnapper with a trust fund. I have just had a second go at her. The atmosphere here you could cut with a knife right now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

This is the latest slide show of moments at the Vauxhall Most of you are featured. Also, truth of dare, how many people in this slide show have you shagged??
I am feeling like rat shit today, and it's all self induced, so don't feel at all sorry for me. Lucky for me, my mates Cliff and Rob have invited me round for dinner tonight, something to look forward to. Cliff is a great cook and I am sure we will be having something spectacular. That should cheer me up.

Reading Ian's blog I too am reminded of the gentleman who had the ferret stuffed down the front of his pants on Sunday. DISGUSTING!!

Wayne has sms'ed me asking what he should bring back from South Africa, so I have e-mailed a very long list of things. He is going to wish he never opened his mouth now.


Monday, August 20, 2001

Thanks to all for the positive comments about the new shorter hair doo....

Nothing like having the old ego stroked a bit.
The weekend that was…

The Heartbreaker, The Home Wrecker and The Failed Dealer.

I rushed home on Saturday, very excited about the prospect of two parties and the second outing to Final Destination. I had been looking forward to the parties all week and this should have been a sign. I had also decided to supplement my income with a bit of low risk dealing and has lots of naughty stuff on me for resale. Matthew and Richard’s bash was great and I got to chat with Trevor and Steve, what sweet guy’s. Adrian collected me at about 9pm and after a few stiff vodkas for the soul we jumped into a cab heading for Bethnal Green. There were four of us in the posse’, Myself, alone because Wayne is away, Adrian , sort of married, but Richard was ill in bed (I think they had a bit of a tiff), Cliff, married but Rob his B/F was not at all well and Steve, married but Martin was working, we were going to have a real lads night out and had planned to tell everyone that our partners were at a passive party discussing bottom things.

Adrian was in a mood because Richard didn’t want him to go out. The taxi man had the heater on and the radio on “radio crappo”, oh! and the windows didn’t open. Needless to say it was hot as hell and everyone got very tense and just a bit snappy.

We arrived at the party and it was great to see Chris and Martin, they have a lovely place. Adrian discovered half an hour after we arrived that he had left his mobile in the taxi, so we phoned it a lot and finally the driver answered it. £20.00 later and an hour of waiting and the phone was returned.

Just as I was enjoying the party, the posse’ of merry men decided it was time to move on, we left the party and headed for Crash, he party died soon afterward after the host threw a mood because half of us left, not surprising as we are the life and soul of any occasion.

Now I hate Crash, but was happy as I would be able to move all the class A I had tucked away in my Calvin’s. After two awful hours I had made £5.00 profit on one item and we were off to Final Destination with me licking my wounds because I had failed at being a dealer.

We arrived early and had some sweet hot tea and attempted to eat at the drive through Mac Donald’s. At which stage the bag containing my appro stock split, and the four of us scrambled around trying to find 40 pills in the dark.

Final Destination was wonderful, or it would have been if anyone was there. The music was pumping and the guys have the whole mix perfect. I was very sad that nobody had made the effort to go, still about fourteen on us boogied for about two hours before piling into Trevor and Steve’s, not very big car, heading for Trade.

We arrived very up for more of a party, but Cliff was very unhappy about going into Trade, so after a half hour discussion, we headed back to Brixton to look after Rob, who was at home ill. Or so we thought, on arrival, we discovered an empty house. Rob had decided to take himself off as he was not in the mood for four boisterous boys leaping around being silly. We thought he was really angry and things got blown out of all proportion. It was not a great evening.

I snoozed for a few hours and then headed off to the Vauxhall, Edna was great and I had a little weep when she sang the Dusty Springfield song because I was missing Wayne a bit.

Now you can’t fault the Vauxhall, nothing ever goes wrong and nobody ever gets cross and I danced the night away, with all my friends, happy as a sand boy.

The lesson…
Never get over-excited about the weekend’s activities because you are bound to be disappointed