Friday, August 31, 2001

Sweetie Darling!!!

Its Ab Fab time again, and I can't wait. We are doing Bollie ,Smoked Salmon and nibbly bits tonight with the editors of every Vogue around. Why does this program bring out my camp side. As if it could be more braught out.
Top Ten Things Heterosexuals Need to Know About Gay People:

10. We didn't invent disco music so stop blaming us.

9. We're not sure about Ricky Martin either.

8. We also didn't invent the color black, but we are in complete agreement
that you look better in it.

7. We are secretly glad Anne Heche is back on your team. She scares us.

6. Our so-called "radar" does not get us more cable stations or better

5. We think your mini-vans are sooo cute!

4. We dont actually have more money than you do, we just know how to spend
it better.

3. If he's using two or more hair products at any one time, yes, he is.

2. If she's won Wimbledon sixteen times, she is too.

And, the number one thing that heterosexuals need to know about gay people

1. Relax, we don't want you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

My baby has come home, he visited me on the way back from the airport and looks all glowing and healthy and although my life has been a fortnight of hedonistic pleasure (nothing different than usual then) I am so happy to have him back to hug in the middle of the night.

This weekend was great, I want to say that it was quiet but that would be a lie.

Friday Night: Adrian (my surrogate Wayne for the fortnight) and I headed into Soho for “A” Drink. Imagine my surprise when I found myself fighting through the Paul Okenfield (sp) crowd to get to the 2 Brewers on the way home. What an amazing night, after copious amounts of disco dancing with Darryl, Cute Rob, John and Danny. I found myself magnetically drawn to Sub-Station South. Adrian, who was suppose to be my conscience didn’t put up much fight. Disco dancing continued to the wee hours of the morning. The two Rob’s hit the cooking sherry a little to much and Cute Rob stayed over at mine as the trip to Hackney was too daunting. As I had to be at work in two hours, we had some more cooking sherry , listened to pop songs and talked about boys, I then showered and headed off to work, leaving him to sleep. (Lucky Boy).

Work was not very pleasant on Saturday. Mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t focus and spent the day in a cold sweat. After what seemed days, the day was over and I rushed home for a power nap. I woke up at 10pm and preened for the evening at “Love Muscle”.
Met Justin and his mates at the Kazbar and headed off to queue for tickets. I was a bit bored during the earlier part of the evening, partly because I was tired, but Adrian suggested we try dancing on the stage. Well, my life changed, the club went from a South London dive to a sea of fabulousness. I never want to dance anywhere else.

I stayed over at Cliff and Rob’s and was woken with tea. (civilized) . We just had time for a lovely fried breakfast and had to dress for the Vauxhall. Martin and Chris were there and we had a great time, Cliff and Rob headed home and I dragged Adrian off to the LA3 vrs Habit, It was lovely, except for the music, the venue and most of the people. Our group was great though, Martin and Chris had come long and we all had a good laugh.

Back at Cliff and Rob’s we woke the household up with much giggling as we ate 3 day old cold Lasagna

I slept like a log, and then Adrian gave me a lift home. I showered and dressed and headed up to the Vauxhall to meet Martin and Chris, Karl and Andy put in an appearance but didn’t stay long. Mark Andrews was the guest DJ and played a blinding set. I found that I was on the dance floor for 4 hours flat and staggered home exhausted.

My favorite part of the weekend, getting to know Cute Rob, Martin and Chris better. I think I have 3 new mates in London. And the Mark Andrew’s set on Monday at the Vauxhall which I found quite unbelievable.

I am paying for my sins dearly today, but hey, You only live once.