Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Oh the joys of being mid 30’s, things start going wrong with your insides after just a bit to much partying.
I am at home trying to pass a kidney stone. Its annoying and sore and all I can say is thank God I never got into “watersports” to seriously because I would not be to popular right now.

Talking of “watersports”, I had a serious discussion with some mates this weekend about not having a fetish. Everybody seems to have one or the other, I have mates who have enormous hanky drawers, a colour for every day of the week and them some. It seems to be law that if you are a homosexual and over 30, sex should involve some kind of kink, well I have tried quite a few of them and must say none of them beat a cup of cocoa and the Eastenders omnibus. My mates are currently trying to match me to a fetish. What colour hanky is “boring old fart” I wonder?

London has started to get chilly, and all of a sudden, my heart is gripped with fear, this will be my third winter here!! The first one was a novelty, the second one lasted about 3 months to long for my liking, what will I feel about this one? Well let me tell you, after reading Swish Cottage this morning, I would rather have frost bite than be back in Johannesburg. My heart goes out to his ex, nasty thing to happen.

Whilst reading Scally’s blog, I saw he made reference to Madam and Eve, a cartoon strip that is very popular in SA. It has been made into a TV series which was quite enjoyable to watch, interesting thing is that Eve always comes up trumps, I remember during the dark years of apartheid, the cartoon strip was always a bit rebellious but never directly enough to be banned.


Monday, September 03, 2001

Wayne’s homecoming weekend celebrations started with a cluster of happy boys watching ab fab and drinking tons of bolly at our place on Friday night. I loved the new series, it didn’t vary from the formula that worked in the past. We all had a good laugh. Then it was off to the Brewer’s, we have discovered a little gem of a Friday night, all Vauxhall music and most of the Vauxhall crowd too, not wanting to go home at 2am, we then headed down to Sub Station lead by Little Rob, It was a bad move on my part as I was working on Saturday. We rolled in at 05h30 with Rob in tow and collapsed. I got up for work leaving the boys asleep, by the time I had got home, they has just surfaced and we all went up to Nando’s for a bite to eat. Home and I hit the bed for the next few hours. We had planned to meet everyone at Crash and got there at midnight. It was a surprisingly good evening, I don’t normally like Crash that much.
On Sunday, Michael was having his pre-vauxhall summer garden lunch and we gingerly sat outdoors shielding our eyes and talking quietly to one another. After refueling, we headed up to the RVT where all the mates welcomed Wayne home in fine style.