Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Words can't express the horror that I feel at Tuesday's events. Wayne and I sat gobsmacked watching the footage, it looked like a Bruce Willis movie, not real life. My heart breaks for those poor people and their loved ones.

I feel the constant need to be with loved ones right now, I think after all the pain and suffering that has happened we all do.

I called Michael in NYC on and off for almost 12 hours, eventually getting through at 13h00 London time, strange, I have never met him although we have exchanged some wonderful e-mails, but from the time the news broke, I could not get him out of my mind. We have never spoken so it was strange to hear his voice, "a stranger that I know" if that makes sense, he sounded pretty sad, not surprising. When I hung up I burst into tears.


I have just spoken to Michael in New York, he is fine. What a relief.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Strange, do you remember "dancing with tears in my eye's" by Ultravox. It has been playing in my head all afternoon.
The world is going mad, Michael, talk to us, are you OK

Monday, September 10, 2001

The weekend started quite properly, a large crowd gathered at Karl’s for chilli and Ab Fab. Which was funnier than the last one, I was out of there at midnight and home to bed because I was working on Saturday.

After a day of dealing with Ab Fab clones, I was in the showroom this Saturday I headed home for a power nap and then headed up to “Love Muscle”. I was disappointed to be honest, and it was their birthday celebration. My highlight was trying to write my e-mail address on to a form on the way out, did you know that ketamine seriously impairs your eye hand co-ordination. I wont be expecting any mail from the lovely Yvette any time soon.

Feeling unfulfilled (as you do) we decided to start all over again (as you do) and headed off to Trade (as you do). I hate Trade usually but Adrian pointed out the fabulous laser light on the main dance floor and I spent about 5 hours trying to catch laser beams (as you do) I don’t know where I got the energy from???

By this stage it was lunchtime on Sunday, we staggered into the light and were set upon by what seemed like hundreds of taxi drivers. Wayne assured them unsteadily that they need not bother as his father was collecting us. This confused them all since he is almost 40 and when Rob & Cliff arrived to pick us up (such good friends), they looked 10 years younger than us.

Just time then for a quick whores bath and a new outfit and it was off to the RVT, Dame Edna is just a trannie that can’t hold her acid methinks, although it was very amusing at first, I spent most of the show outside getting some much needed air. We left early and I slept very well (wonder why)

I have come to the conclusion, I have a party animal problem and should seek help. Enough already. I need a break.


Ian in his SA rugby jersey, very fetching….
The remix of “Positive Role Model”
Wayne and Chris debuting on the central shelf to thunderous applause. So much cuter than the usual podium dancer (village idiot) with his too baggy jeans.