Saturday, September 29, 2001

It's Saturday and pissing down, and I am at work. Dull, I could be tucked up with a video and a nice cuppa. Still I am doing my bit for the economy. Moulin Rouge was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!. I am booking for round two next week. You were all right.

The rest of this week has been quite quiet, didn't venture out last night but I will be going to Hope tonight, so I am sure to see some of you there.


Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Hello, I am back. It’s been a bitch of a few weeks and I haven’t felt much like blogging at all.

Not much to report in fact, some good things and some nasty things have happened since I last spoke, the good things being a load of going out partying, highlights included having a good laugh at the expense of the leather boys at the opening of the “Dirty Dancing” dance floor at The Hoist. Oh dear, I somehow can’t see it ever being used for dancing, still the leather go go boys in cages were pure eye candy. On the nasty front, our neighbour was mugged at the front security door of the flat last night, Wayne was 10 seconds behind him and shouted to chase the attackers off, but not before they has succeeded to crack his head open on the doorframe. Seconds later and the victim would have been Wayne. And to think I came half way round the world to feel safer.

We are finally off to see Moulin Rouge tomorrow night, I am excited as anything after reading everyone’s reviews. I think I am the last poof in London to see it.