Wednesday, October 03, 2001

I am at home with the worst dose of flu, it started over the weekend and I headed home from work on Monday afternoon, since then I have had a nasty sore throat, sores in my mouth, no energy and the rest. Now I don’t do sick very well, I want constant attention and hugs, in the past, in SA, I took up residence at my Mum’s because they always know best. So this has been my first grown up flu without Mum to fuss over me. I tried to get Wayne to fuss over me but it didn’t work, he doesn’t do people being ill to well so it would seem.

We are off to see Closer To Heaven again on Friday night. A group of six of us will then pop down to the Two Brewers where the best Friday music is played, give it a go. I think that I will be taking it pretty easy though, maybe a low alcohol sherry and a digestive biscuit out before I head for bed.

Its good to read that our friend the hedgehog seems to be settling in a lot better in Oz. I think we have to all arrive in Bondi on mass for the next sleaze ball.

Time to get some sleep