Friday, December 14, 2001

Read Anne Widdecombe's Christmas poem here. Were you inspired??
I am nursing the most awful hangover courtesy of the Woo Woo??
For those not in the “Woo Woo know”, is consists of Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Cranberry and Orange in a tall glass. I had several at our Christmas work doo last night.

This week has been very hectic, hence my silence for most of it, After my lovely relaxing day off on Monday, Tuesday turned out to be a nightmare, all of Monday’s work was waiting for me and then in the evening, we went off to “The Andrew Martin Interior Designer Of The Year” awards at the V & A. This is basically my bosses sneaky way of getting exposure in every décor glossy in the world once a year. Still the Champers flowed freely and the nibbly bits were nibbly and we rolled on quite late and just a bit under the weather.

Wednesday I recovered, both at work and then at home.

Fully charged, I had an effective day at work on Thursday and then headed off to our Christmas doo at the Artesian Well in Clapham (Dump). It involved Karaoke, a very un savory buffet, 2 sets of work colleagues shagging and one punch up. Just your average Christmas doo then.

Tonight is my TV evening, with Wayne away at his Christmas doo it is going to be quiet and lovely.

For those of you who are around, we are having drinks for Wayne’s birthday at Compton’s on Sunday from about 14h30, (pre-Vauxhall) and then off to the RVT itself. Hope to see some or all of you there.

Monday, December 10, 2001

A am enjoying the rare luxury of a Monday off. After Wayne left for work, I lay in for a while, got up and had a leisurely bath and prepared to go Christmas shopping. Shock and horror, £400 has been taken out of my account that was actually only to only be deducted at the end of January. Cancelled Christmas shopping. I never seem to get this money thing right.

Let me tell you about our planned quiet weekend. It started really well on Friday with tasty home made hotdogs with all the trimmings, great TV and early to bed. I worked on Saturday and got a series of, “are you boys coming out” calls throughout the day until I was more than a little keen. I got home and after much discussion we decided that we should go to the Fridge, after all, it’s only once a month. It was a great evening and we rolled in to bed at 6am, the problem, I had to be at work at 12 noon.

Sunday at work was great, luckily everyone had been out clubbing and we were all just a bit silly all day, I headed down to the RVT after work and met Wayne there, we were in time for the DE Experience for once and enjoyed the show thoroughly, spent the rest of the evening with the crowd, the music was fantastic, loads of the older stuff. Ian and I had both donned our SA Rugby jerseys and then another bloke pitched up in one, the boys must have thought that their luck was in and the official SA rugby team tour bus had broken down outside and the players had popped in for a drink and some hands in the air partying. Imagine.

Tried to have a conversation with Jonathan but I fear I may have made very little sense. We have decided that the New year will be seen in at the Vauxhall. 2002 seen in at a shit hole in the middle of a traffic circle, I would want it no other way.