Friday, January 25, 2002

Ho hum, January is at an end and not a peep from little old me.

I will promise to update you boy’s (and girl’s) with my wit and charm a little more frequently from now on.

Christmas New Year, what an amazing time we had, it ranged between total chilling out with videos and good friends, and wild Class A fueled parties that lasted days at a time. Hats off to Michael Malta for a superb Christmas dinner for twelve wayward lads. No easy tasks, we all cheered at the queens speech and had a traditional time in general.

New year started at the RVT (amazing) headed off to The Fridge (crap) and then home for a day of, well lets just say, every resolution I made was broken. After no sleep, it was off to the RVT for a stonking evening, we got in at 12 midnight and promptly slept for 16 hours.

I went back to work not quite realizing I had actually started and when I did come round, it was time for my birthday, 35, but still sexually active thank god. The weekend started with a quiet evening in with Wayne, then on Saturday, Wayne went to a conference and Adam stepped in as surrogate boyfriend, he took me off to trendy Hoxton to listen to one of the guy’s he manages play, ever so posh, and also excellent. Then to the Fridge which was crap again. Do you notice a trend starting here. On Sunday, I managed to cram 30 of my nearest and dearest into San Marco’s in Clapham for a pre Vauxhall pizza. The RVT shone as usual and Edna sang my personal fave, “Perfect Day” which it was.

Now I am back at gym and want to attain bison proportions before summer, work is crap and I am out there looking seriously coz I am bored, and I am discovering 101 ways to eat whilst poverty stricken. Roll on payday.

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