Friday, February 15, 2002

A rare but fabulous entry from me,

A weekend in the country:
Our mates Steve and Martin invited us out to the house they have on long loan for a quiet weekend cum Pop Idol Final party. We hopped onto the train after I finished work on Saturday and 45 minutes later we were surrounded by trees, birds and little bambi’s. Martin met us at the station and whisked us up to the house, it ids the first place that actually matches the dimensions of your average South African house but without the electric fences. We cheered for Will, ate far to much and rolled into bed at a respectable 1am.

On Sunday it was up and a brisk walk to the war memorial for the view. It was a very sad place, 22000 airmen, their names immortalised in stone, hardly any of them over 25 years old. Made me forget about being a sad old queen and appreciate my life.

We went to a quaint “olde English pubbe” for lunch, of which their was heaps for a fiver, and then into Windsor for a wonder round and more food.

Wayne and I were quite happy to climb aboard the train going home on Sunday afternoon with all good intention of rushing off to Neil, Earl of Compton’s party.
We hadn’t organised the regulation dress suit or military wear and nobody was answering texts about how many of the lads had dressed up so sorry Neil, we decided to give it a miss. As the train neared London, Wayne made a fab observation, “this train passes Vauxhall Station” Need I say more…

Photo’s of our weekend in the country.