Thursday, March 07, 2002

Robbie Pie Hands

Yip that’s me, I am on the move again. I went through a series of interviews recently and yesterday was horrified, excited to find two job offers on my desk. I deliberated, chatted to Wayne and a few of my mates, made lists until they came out of my ears and have decided to rejoin my ex boss at Fired Earth in Chiswick with a twist. I am starting the Interior Design side of the business and have been made a 50% partner. Now 50% of nothing is still nothing but I have access to all the good (oh and rich) clients who are all begging him to give them this service.

So loads of hard work in the pipeline but hopefully it will mean success.

As far as the weekend goes, I am off to a party with my mates “The Little Rob’s” on Friday downstairs at the Freedom Bar. We are entertaining “The Prom Kings” for a round two Gaydar meet on Saturday (everybody tells me that it is never the same second time around) and Sunday, well I am at a loss….